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You've likely heard about the release of SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 but have you properly considered how much of an impact upgrading to BI 4.2 could have on your business?

CATCH Intelligence


  • Crystal reports - pixel perfect operational reports (P&Ls, Income statement, etc)
  • Web Intelligence - Self Service reporting with dashboard charting and graphing
  • Explorer - Google like searching of data
  • Analysis of OLAP - Empower BA's to analyze data through intuitive web interface
  • Analysis for Microsoft office - Deliver BI content in Excel, Power Point and Word
  • Dashboard and Design Studio - interactive dashboards and visual models that enable effective decision and monitoring of KPIs


  • Lumira - Stunning data visualization tool that Business Users can utilize to mash up data from multiple sources, even excel spread sheets!
  • Lumira Server - Lumira 4.2 is fully integrated on the BI platform, enabling Lumira to connect to BO Universes and scheduling reporting
  • Data Integrator - Move and integrate data to and from almost any data source 50% faster with drag and drop interface to build data flows, workflows and jobs, without having to write code!
  • Power Designer - A collaborative enterprise modeling tool to help design, manage and architect data models
  • IQ - Columnar DW Analytics Appliance that improves query speed 100x to 1000x faster and is optimized for BI Analytics


  • Commenting - allows document users to collaborate and comment on any of the data/statistics accessible in a given document. 
  • Parallel Data provider refresh - allows reports to run several query refreshes simultaneously and can significantly improve performance of WebI.
  • Administrator cockpit - administrators can collect basic data about the BI environment
  • Recycle Bin -  deleted items are now moved into the “Recycle Bin” and an administrator can recover the files


  • Quickly get your environment upgraded to the new version
  • Free educational session with IT and power users (includes demos of the tools, best practices and use cases)
  • Help convert UNV universes to UNX - enabling you to connect to multiple data sources and get full functionality of Lumira

Upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 and take advantage of:

Want Additional Information?

4.2 Informational Brochure

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.2 is the culmination of core stability and capability improvements spanning key new innovations, incremental product advances and improved features and benefits that enrich the capabilities offered to end users. 



  • Easier to use and manage, for BI Admins and IT
  • Empower everyone with analytics, boost collaboration
  • Improved collaboration experience
  • Improved upgrade process


  • Improved capabilities and tools
  • New methods to access data and boost productivity
  • Integrate your current source systems
  • Reuse and expand platforms


  • Enhanced customization
  • Reveal hidden opportunities and risk
  • Improved developer experience
  • Anticipate and plan future outcomes


SAP HANA Online or Direct Access to HANA Views

View HANA data without having to export it! Now your web intelligence is directly connected to SAP HANA view and you can obtain your data from there.

Administrators Cockpit

Administrators can collect basic data about the BI environment and obtain information about Servers, Scheduled Jobs, Applications and Content Usage.




Commenting allows document users to collaborate and comment on any of the data/statistics accessible in a given document.

Recycle Bin

When users deletes an item from the BOE system, it’s now moved into the “Recycle Bin” and an administrator can recover the files. Items will be stored there only until the bin is emptied, which may have a time-limit or happen on set days – at which time the files are permanently deleted. 



Parallel Data Provider Refresh

Load times of reports drastically reduced. Parallel running of queries in HANA will allow reports to run several query refreshes simultaneously and can significantly improve performance of WebI.


SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 - Upgrade WEBINAR 

View our BI 4.2 Upgrade Webinar and learn how the new enhancements and features of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 can help your business RUN SIMPLE with increased responsiveness, reduced IT costs and workload; while driving better decision making across the organization.

The pace of technological change has become exponential and the ever-growing mountain of data this creates leads to new challenges and new opportunities. Many companies are not set up to cope with the ever-widening gap between data and access and between IT and Business. However, if your business is to compete (and ideally thrive) you need to bridge this gap in a practical and useful way. Intelligent Business Analytics built within a solid landscape are now vital tool sets for organizations.

Wave goodbye to complex and unwieldy BI Analytics

The new simplified SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 version allows you to use analytical insights as the foundation of your business, empower business users, and run your business more intelligently.

Gain Information Clarity and Insight

Empowers business users by providing them with the ability to easily create ad-hoc queries and manage powerful data analysis to get deeper business insight regardless of your database platform complexity.

Companies with flexible information systems have 24% higher usage of business intelligence to manage their business processes.


Streamline and Execute

Effectively streamline business intelligence operations by improving the business user information request process. The IT department can now spend less time intercepting and interrupting information requests, allowing users to share and define information requirements like creating queries and analyzing information - all with less hands-on from IT.

Companies that have enhanced business user access to information, have 10% more timely information to create actionable insights.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce total cost of ownership with a fully integrated, scalable, highly intelligence, service-oriented architecture - all in a single business intelligence enterprise system.  

Companies that consolidate multiple BI tools into a standardized and enterprise-wide portfolio, have 36% lower BI expenditures.


Manage and Maintain

SAP BusinessObjects provides a framework of data extraction and analysis that helps businesses make data-centric managerial decisions that help improve the bottom line and maintain long term operational sustainability and financial growth.

The advancement in technology with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 improves speed and accuracy of the data that supports key decision making within your business. Contact a CATCH expert to see how upgrading can provide significant benefits to your business.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Business?