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CATCH Intelligence First in North America to Receive SAP Recognized Expertise Certificate in BI

Omaha, NE., (July 14, 2015) – CATCH Intelligence, a recognized leader in business intelligence and analytic solutions, has revealed today their most recent accolade, “The SAP Recognized Expertise for Business intelligence” certification; identifying the company as the first recognized SAP BI expert in North America.

SAP grants region-based BI expertise certificates to companies that achieve specific excellence criteria in the BI domain. Partners with an SAP Recognized Expertise meet strict requirements that are built on transparency and a stringent certification process by SAP. These certified partners must have demonstrated SAP solution and industry expertise, have a proven track record of successful customer projects as well as a defined number of SAP-certified consultants. Business Enterprises in search of trusted SAP BI providers can easily and confidently identify CATCH Intelligence as a “go-to” BI industry leader.

“The SAP Recognized Expertise for BI certificate identifies our technical skills, capacities and experiences in successfully building and delivering full-fledged, world-class BI solutions to customers across the North American region,” said Mark Floersch, Founder and CEO of CATCH Intelligence, “We pride ourselves in holding certification in our areas of expertise via the outstanding SAP training programs, but also acknowledge that the tenure of our experienced consultants is highly valuable to our customers,” Floersch continues. “We provide essential real-world experience to compliment that training and share best practices with our customers to elevate their total business success.”

As an expert in SAP BI tools and technologies, CATCH Intelligence understands that business intelligence is more than just a tool, it’s about People, Process, Practice, Data Architecture, and Data Governance. CATCH Intelligence is the differentiator that takes businesses to the next level by helping customers make well-informed decisions, gain greater strategic insight, and successfully lead by knowing.

“I take pride in the CATCH Intelligence team and strategy. In a partnership that goes back 14 years, this is a certificate that manifests our commitment to serve the North American region with SAP BI technologies,” added Floersch.

About CATCH Intelligence:
Founded in 2001, CATCH Intelligence (formerly People Services Center) provides business intelligence services and solutions to enterprise level organizations with experts in SAP® BusinessObjects®, Microsoft® BI, SharePoint® and Data Warehousing. The CATCH Commitment is to help organizations reduce cost while improving overall business performance. The CATCH Experience provides expert consultants – offering meaningful guidance for implementing real-world BI systems. The CATCH Goal is to deliver a World Class BI system that provides the greatest value to you and your organization. The CATCH Phrase is “Lead by Knowing!” and this is done by helping customers leverage valuable information to successfully grow their company and become industry leaders.

Helping customers catch intelligence, lead by knowing, take action, and as a result, succeed.

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