In 2015, the federal government estimates that states improperly paid 11.6% of $48.4 billion in Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims. This represents $5.6 billion in improper payments. As states continue to offer additional on-line channels to initiate and manage claims, fraudsters take advantage of new computer methods to steal identities, create fictitious employers, and file false claims.

Unemployment Insurance - 

Detect and Predict Fraud 


  • Reduce over-payments
  • Daily, weekly or on-demand reporting
  • Identify fictitious claims
  • Improve benefit accuracy
  • Easily query system to search for potential fraudulent claims
  • Map physical address, mail address, last company address, and IP location to uncover potential fraudulent claims

Enhance Unemployment Insurance Reporting

We can help you get better access to your data.

  • CATCH Fraudsters Predictive Application

Reference Material

  • Turning Workforce Development Data into Powerful Visual and Self-Service Information - [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

CATCH Intelligence offers a suite of advanced analytical tools designed to put predictive insight into the UI claim filing process; helping agencies more easily identify and reduce improper payments and stop UI fraud before it happens.

Detecting and Preventing UI Fraud with Data Analytics

Early Detection


Millions Saved

Deeper Insight


Unemployment fraud threatens the availability of funds for people with real claims, strains the state's trust fund & increases unemployment taxes for companies. While technology has played a role in increasing the opportunities to commit fraud, the good news is that it can also play a key role in identifying new ways to detect fraud. 

We are here to provide world-class UI detection and predictive analytics for your business, that actually works.

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