CATCH Mission & Vision

CATCH Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help organizations reduce cost while improving overall business performance.


Our brand promise is to deliver a World Class BI system that provides the greatest value to you and your organization.



Our vision is to continue growing our company so we can create growth opportunities for our people and their families. We believe in big dreams, achieving big goals, and celebrating big accomplishments. We are a family first company focused on helping each other grow.


Since inception, CATCH has been governed by our iDATA core values. They form the foundation of our culture and strengthen the relationship we share with the external world. We at CATCH Intelligence strive to incorporate these guiding principles in our work life and carry them forward into our individual personal lives.

  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Delight those we serve
  • Accountable for results
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Ask for what you want/ask others for what they need
CATCH Success Traits
  • COMMITMENT: Do what you say you were going to do; live up to verbal and written agreements; do not let your teammates down.
  • DIRECTNESS: Communicate openly, honestly, and directly.
  • EFFICIENCY: Produce significant output with minimal wasted effort. Create reusable, repeatable processes and solutions that can be leveraged for future opportunities.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC: Exhibit passion and excitement over work. Have a CAN-DO attitude.
  • FLEXIBILITY / ADAPTABILITY: Adjust to quickly changing priorities and conditions.
  • LEADERSHIP: Step up and provide organization, planning, support, and guidance in meeting expectations. Take accountability for delivering results.
  • LEARNER: Demonstrate commitment to continuous learning and coaching.
  • ORGANIZATION AND PLANNING: Plan, organize, and schedule efficiently.
  • PERSISTENCE: Demonstrate tenacity and willingness to go the distance, and a mindset to make it happen.
  • SEEK CLARIFICATION: Always ask more questions to maximize learning and minimize mistakes.
  • TEAMWORK: Reach out to peers and cooperate with supervisors.
  • WORK ETHIC: Possess a strong willingness to work hard.
We take pride in embracing our iData core values and demonstrate excellence and commitment in everything we do.
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