Community Outreach

Community Outreach

A Better World and Making a Difference

CATCH Intelligence’s objective in the area of philanthropy is to protect future generations by preserving America’s most valuable resource: its children. We seek to improve the quality of life by addressing critical needs, primarily through non-profit organizations reaching underserved populations in areas around the world. In keeping with this goal, the company supports a wide range of both local and international charitable causes.

We have an entire wall dedicated with artwork and pictures displaying the various Sharing Hands programs that have been sponsored by CATCH Intelligence. This serves as a constant reminder that by giving of our time, our talent, and our monetary donations, we can make a difference and put a smile on someone’s face. We help give people hope, one day and one project at a time.

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We support these communities by providing more than just money. Rather, we aspire to provide long term, sustainable benefits which enhance their quality of living.
Sharing Hands Program

Supported Organizations

CATCH Intelligence believes that through our people, our services, our product, and our culture, we have the power to help change the world. Aspired to push the boundaries of what people generally think business is capable of through our Sharing Hands program, we challenge ourselves, our partners, and our community at large to join with us to make this world a better place.

CATCH continues to support a host of other charities, including Hannah’s Hope Orphanage in Guatemala City, Addis Abbaba in Ethiopia, YMCA, Omaha Open Door Mission, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and is a Multiple Sclerosis Corporate Sponsor.

Mater Filius

President and Founder of CATCH Intelligence, Mark Floersch and his wife Stacey Floersch were part of a team that opened the doors to a home in South Omaha in early 2014 to become a home provider for the Mater Filius cause; a Non-Profit Catholic home for women faced with a crisis pregnancy. The goal of Mater Filius is to help women create and develop a strong sense of self-awareness and confidence by helping mothers discover the greatness that lies in their hearts – giving them and their babies hope for a brighter future. The mission of Mater Filius is to safeguard the lives and defend the dignity of the mother regardless of how the child was conceived. The vision is to teach expectant mothers how to become role models and in turn good mothers through the support taught in workshops as well as modeled by women who are already mothers. Expectant mothers receive housing, counseling, medical attention, workshops, daycare, continuing education, emotional and spiritual support, and legal assistance. Stacey is involved in the daily operations of the home.  The home typically supports five to ten women and their children.


Mater Filius Testimonial

Recently, one of the Mater Filius residents (Sierra) was invited to be a guest speaker and share her experiences. Sierra spoke about her difficult journey and expressed her gratitude for the new path she is now navigating with the help of Mater Filius and CATCH Intelligence. CATCH has agreed to pay for a CNA program so Sierra can become a certified nursing assistant. This program is offered to anyone at Mater Filius who is willing to work hard, get good grades, and complete the program. Sierra is thriving both professionally and as a wonderful mother; and it is a true honor to be part of that growth.
Sudanese Outreach Program

Nebraska is home to the largest Sudanese population in the nation. In 2003 Mark Floersch’s Aunt, Sister Rosemary Floersch, started the “Sudanese Outreach Project” after retiring as a teacher for 30 years from Mercy High School and volunteering to help children at St. Richards Elementary School. She found a connection with these children who often had special needs and were refugees that fled with their families from Sudan in order to survive and escape religious persecution. The program was created to help support Sudanese children and families, which provides basic needs such as food, clothing, household items, personal hygiene supplies, furniture and appliances directly to the homes of the economically poor. The project also aids the Sudanese families in obtaining an education, applying for jobs, getting child care, acquiring housing, getting dental and doctor appointments, budgeting their income and securing permanent residence and citizenship. This program has become Sister Rosemary’s final mission of service and CATCH Intelligence has been the main financial supporter. CATCH Intelligence continues its funding and volunteering efforts and is dedicated to helping Sister Rosemary Floersch’s mission by backing her in the difference she makes in this world.

CATCH Intelligence and its employees have also hosted an annual Christmas Craft party where over 80 volunteers come together to help 50 to 100 children make Christmas gifts for their family members. These festivities provide not only a large venue to enable children to have fun with arts and crafts but also a learning environment as they discover the joy of making something with their own hands and proudly giftwrap for their loved ones. “I don’t know anyone who can stretch a dollar further than my Aunt Sister Rosemary,” states Mark Floersch, CEO of CATCH Intelligence “I trust her to invest our donations in the right places to make a difference.”

Sr. Rosemary Floersch

Sr. Rosemary Floersch; RSM, SM ’52 started the Sudanese Outreach Project in January, 2003, which provides basic needs such as food, clothing, household items, personal hygiene supplies, furniture, and appliances directly to the homes of the economically poor.

Sierra Leone

In 2013, 2014, and 2017 a CATCH employee traveled with a team to Freetown, Sierra to serve the children of The Raining Season Orphanage (TRS) and the people of Freetown. CATCH donated funds to assist TRS. “My passion is to love these children who never counted; who were thrown away, who were told they would never amount to anything; who were marginalized’ who were born into desperation who were forgotten.” states Janet Tschudin, Vice President of Organizational Development at CATCH Intelligence. TRS is more than a shelter for orphans. It is a home. It is a family and children are meant to grow up in a family. The children are raised by Sierra Leone Christian men and women who love God and love them. Aunties and Uncles are caring, playing, holding, soothing, praying, nurturing, teaching and loving. It is a ministry – not only a ministry to the kids but also a ministry of these kids. The vision of TRS is that the children will grow up learning to serve their neighbor, welcoming others as they have been welcomed, and knowing they have something to give.


Mission Trips

Over the years CATCH Intelligence has also sponsored a number of far-reaching Mission trips including; Sierra Leone in 2014 and 2013, Dominican Republic in 2010, Africa in 2009, Romania in 2006 and Guatemala in 2006.

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