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SAP Partner

We are authorized to resell and implement the complete SAP® Analytics, BusinessObjects™, Data Management, and Crystal Reports® software tools.

SAP grants region-based BI expertise awards to companies that achieve specific excellence criteria in the BI domain. Partners with an SAP Recognized Expertise meet strict requirements that are built on transparency and a stringent certification process by SAP. These certified partners must have demonstrated SAP solution and industry expertise, have a proven track record of successful customer projects as well as a defined number of SAP-certified consultants. Business Enterprises in search of trusted SAP BI providers can easily and confidently identify CATCH Intelligence as a “go-to” BI industry leader.

As an expert in SAP BI tools and technologies, CATCH Intelligence understands that business intelligence is more than just a tool, it’s about People, Process, Practice, Data Architecture, and Data Governance. CATCH Intelligence is the differentiator that takes businesses to the next level by helping customers make well-informed decisions, gain greater strategic insight, and successfully lead by knowing.

Learn more about our SAP® BusinessObjects™ solutions. 

Microsoft Gold Partner

This is Microsoft’s highest partner level designation. It represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies.

As a Microsoft® Certified Partner, CATCH Intelligence leverages its knowledge of Microsoft’s Applications and Business Intelligence (BI) technology to deliver stable, reliable solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft software and systems.  We can provide you with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking and real-world perspective. Learn more about our BI solutions. 

Galigeo (spatial analytics)

Galigeo has been paving the way in Location Intelligence since 2001. By combining geographic mapping, location-related data with key business information, Galigeo enables organizations to gain critical insights, make better decisions and optimize business processes and applications. Galigeo helps organizations make better strategic and tactical decisions by combining geographic mapping, location-related data with key business information residing in Business Intelligence (BI), CRM and enterprise applications. Learn more about our Analytics services.


Epic is a leader in the Healthcare EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Market. Focused on mid-size and large medical groups, EPIC makes software for hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations – working with customers that include community hospitals, academic facilities, children’s organizations, safety net providers and multi-hospital systems. Learn more about Epic. 

Geographic Solutions

Geographic Solutions specializes in developing and maintaining online software for the workforce development, economic development, education, corrections, human services, and unemployment insurance industries. Regardless of the industry or the individuals being served, the goal is the same – to equip those seeking employment with the tools they need to find quality, high-paying jobs that meet not only their skills, but their career interests as well. All of Geographic Solutions systems meet the underlying goal of reducing dependence on unemployment benefits, inspiring career exploration, and encouraging economic stability.

Channel Partners:


SHI International Corp. is a $5 billion+ global provider of technology products and services and is a leading corporate reseller of software, hardware, and related services. SHI delivers custom IT solutions to Corporate, Enterprise, Public Sector, and Academic customers.


Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer Technology Company that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration (EI) and CATCH Intelligence exist to help organizations improve their business performance. Together, they leverage the latest technology to capture valuable information, solve business problems efficiently, enhance processes and reduce costs. Enterprise Integration is made up of marketing and engineering experts with years of experience, IT training and certifications focused on helping clients use leading IT products and services to solve business problems.

Dobler Consulting

Dobler Consulting is a leader in SAP Sybase, Oracle and SQL Server database support services and SAP VAR Partner. With over 200 years of combined expertise, our database experts provide database consulting, remote database support, training and licensing services for Fortune 500 companies as well as Small and Midsize Business (SMB) in the United States. As a full spectrum database services provider, Dobler Consulting is offering SAP Sybase DBA, SQL Server DBA and Oracle DBA services to clients worldwideDobler Consulting helps companies maximize and maintain the healthy flow of information throughout their businesses by providing best in class SAP Sybase consulting,SQL Server consulting, and Oracle consulting services at reasonable rates and flexible terms. For more than a decade, Dobler Consulting is serving hundreds of clients with quality and consistency.

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