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Celebrating CATCH employees making a difference in the fight against UI Fraud.

By May 3, 2021January 31st, 2024No Comments

Congratulations ___employee first name last initial___ on being awarded CATCH’s Robin Hood Award. Robin Hood Awards are handed out to employees who find the largest UI Fraud schemes for our government clients. Just like Robin Hood these employees are taking money back and making sure it goes to those who truly need it. Great work! CATCH is proud to have you on board and helping us CATCH Fraudsters!

More About CATCH Fraudsters:

CATCH Intelligence is leveraging their CATCH Fraudsters Fraud Scheme surfacing tool to stop the bad guys and preserve benefits for those in need.  CATCH has created over 200 Fraud Surfacing Schemes in our library to reuse from State to State.  In March 2021, we identified over $200 Million in fraud in four weeks with one state government organization.  The ROI delivered was over 10,000%.

In December, 2020, CATCH Intelligence was selected by a State Government Organization to investigate Fraud.  CATCH Intelligence identified over $100 Million in fraud in six weeks.  The ROI delivered was over 5,000%.

Q2 2020, CATCH Intelligence is selected by a Chief Data Officer in a State Government organization to create an Enterprise Data Governance program that spans over ten of their largest State Government Departments.

Q2 2019 CATCH Intelligence is selected by a Department of Labor organization to create a Data-Driven Analytics Strategy, Blue Print, and Architecture.  CATCH was also selected to implement the Data Analytics strategy plan.

2018 CATCH Intelligence successfully delivers a State Department of Labor Data Warehouse.  The project was delivered on time, on schedule, within budget and received a Customer Satisfaction Score of nine out of ten.