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No matter your industry focus, CATCH Intelligence can help you be more profitable by improving your overall business performance. We solve business problems by leveraging best-of-breed technologies that focus on making your processes more efficient while reducing the cost of operations and increasing your total profitability.

CATCH Intelligence empowers thousands of people every day to make faster decisions by bringing them timely, actionable data. With our years of industry experience, we can help you turn data into useful information that helps build awareness about your company, drives profits, automates business processes, creates business efficiency, and delivers real ROI.

Illustration: CATCH Industries
Icon: Government Government


From stopping UI Fraud and overpayments to DOT asset management – CATCH Intelligence knows how to work with government agencies and deliver mission-critical results. Government data sets are large and complex and offer a huge opportunity to gain valuable insights through data analytics. Turning that data into information and using that information to manage government operations and constituent services intelligently is a considerable challenge. The Government Performance Results Act Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRA 2.0) states that federal agencies and departments must use analytics to tie their strategic goals to actual data and link their performance goals to their strategic plan with clear milestones. Also, agencies and departments must provide performance results more frequently (quarterly, weekly, or even daily) rather than annually. Analytics can help federal agencies and security departments save millions of dollars in costs while improving efficiency by 10-15% and reducing process times by as much as 80%.

Icon: Stoplight Transportation


Logistics and transportation companies deal with loads of data daily and face tremendous pressure in the form of government regulations, environmental constraints, security compliances, and many other regulatory policies. While managing these regulations, companies must ensure competitiveness while maintaining operational excellence. The interplay of infrastructure, technology, and regulatory policies has changed the game for many industry players as logistics companies have become vulnerable to economic flux. Competition, volatile world economy, fuel price instability, massive data and information maintenance, and pressure of cost-effectiveness adds to the complexity.

Icon: Healthcare Healthcare


Healthcare is complex and rapidly changing. Providers face rising costs, long revenue cycles, bad debt, and charity write-offs. The public demands transparency, security, and accountability. Capabilities are needed to quickly integrate and analyze business intelligence data across healthcare and hospital systems.

Icon: Financial Financial Services and Insurance

Financial Services and Insurance

Banks and financial institutions compile vast amounts of business and customer data into large electronic repositories.

  • Customer relationship management – transform a product-oriented business model to customer-centric with data mining to find hidden patterns, trends, and correlations. Discover future demand, identify and retain profitable customers, filter out those who are not, and profile customers based on their needs.
  • Manage risks – mitigate risk by analyzing borrowers’ past dealings and transactions to help predict future behavior statistically, highlight opportunities for diversification, or lower exposure to a particular borrower, industry, or sector. Study past data to help handle asset-liability management. Decrease operational risk that occurs commonly out of human error or fraud.
  • Regulatory compliance – Analyze all relevant data submitted to regulatory authorities and organize and present the data in required formats.
  • Operations Management – Analyze employee and branch information across multiple sources to increase productivity and set performance goals. Identify processes that can be streamlined and where costs can be cut. Enhance performance and shareholder value with timely reporting and monitoring systems that help develop the most optimal and realistic budgets and strategic plans.
Icon: Utilities Utilities


All companies competing in oil, gas, power, and water need a timely flow of real-time intelligence to optimize resources, execute processes, and pursue opportunities. The unique challenge facing utilities is that exponentially more data from more advanced sources is dispersed to many more functional areas. This extreme shift from being energy-focused to a data-driven industry often causes misalignment between departments and a wide variance in approach to data management and analytics.

CATCH Intelligence Has Earned a Reputation

“Working with CATCH was a true partnership. I was able to work with the CATCH Data Governance team as well as the Data Science team and have been impressed with all of the consultants. CATCH worked well with all of the moving parts that a government agency has and gave alternatives to challenges that arose as well as had tremendous follow-up throughout the entire project.”

Director of EligibilityA State DHHS Agency

In all of her work over the last 31 years at DHHS, this experience with CATCH was one of the best she was a part of! Customer Sat Score: 10 out of 10

Director of EligibilityA State DHHS Agency

I have found CATCH teams to be experienced, intuitive, honest and NOT forceful when discussing opportunities to leverage their services. CATCH teams have worked hard to deliver products and information that will bring value to our organization, particularly during a tremendously difficult time for our agency – the pandemic.” Customer Sat Score 10 out of 10

CIOA State Department of Labor and Workforce Development Agency’s Data Warehouse Project

CATCH gave us the materials that we need to implement [Data Governance] in our organization. They guided us throughout the entire process. They were always available to answer questions and they were super friendly.” Customer Sat Score 10 out of 10

Data Governance LeadA County Government’s Data Governance Engagement

The overall experience was great. They all worked very well with my technical staff and our business folks. Everything was captured and reflected back in the deliverables. It was a great engagement.” Customer Sat Score 10 out of 10

Director of Data ManagementA State DHHS Agency Data Management and Analytics Strategic Planning Assessment

I have worked with Catch Intelligence on multiple projects and the entire team is very professional and knowledgeable, and the level of experience is excellent. Our engagement has been excellent, and their level of communication, training, and documentation is superior.” Customer Sat Score 10 out of 10

Director of Information TechnologyA State Retirement System’s Data Quality Management Assessment and Implementation

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