Business Intelligence Analytics

Business Intelligence Analytics

Helping Decision Makers Address Complex Issues

Over recent years, Business Intelligence Analytics consistently appeared as a high priority for the CIO according to leading analyst. Analytics enables a shift of focus from simply the efficient delivery of data to an intelligent enterprise. Intelligence enterprises deliver continuous performance improvement allowing companies to maintain a competitive edge.

Organizations make decisions based on analysis of data to:
  • Create plans, explore alternatives and understand trade-offs
  • Monitor operational and financial performance
  • Drive day-to-day operational processes, allocate capital and resources
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Respond to changes in business conditions

Extracting actionable information from data grows more difficult as data volumes continue to swell. Analytics typically live in an ever-increasing mess of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases, and applications. Decades of technology innovation has focused on moving beyond those disconnections, yet manual and offline tools continue to underpin critical management decision making and reporting. We can help you capitalize on the value of your data – including real time, historical and predictive insights – to support strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Our services in Analytics include:
  1. Analytics Strategy
  2. Analytics and Decision Support
  3. Enterprise Analytics
    1. Customer analytics
    2. Sales and Marketing
    3. Supply Chain
    4. Procurement
    5. Finance
    6. Human Resources
    7. Information Technology
  4. Dashboards and Visualization
  5. Balanced Scorecards
  6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  7. Customer Segmentation
  8. Predictive Analysis and Modeling

Combined with our proven approaches and methodologies that reduce risks and ensure customer success, CATCH Intelligence acts as a Center of Excellence. We have the knowledge and the capacity organizations require to successfully implement Business Analytics.

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