BusinessObjects Add-on Software Enhancements

BusinessObjects Add-on Software Enhancements

Dramatically Increase BusinessObjects Functionality

Take a look at the difference our BusinessObjects Add-ons and Enhancers can make to your business.

BI Portal
A cost effective BI interface that packs instant ROI:

Cost Effective BI Solution

The BI Portal is a simple, single sign-on, brandable Web application that serves as a front-end to BusinessObjects, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). It also allows viewing of Power BI content hosted on an on-premise Power BI Report Server or on the Power BI Cloud Service.

Business Benefits:

  • One place to access BI information, spend less time looking for answers and more time driving strategic decisions!
  • Integrates with Information Steward’s Metapedia – promotes data governance with standard data definitions, data quality and data lineage
  • Brandable user interface with your logos, colors and themes
  • Expand current usage
  • Ease of use, intuitive navigation

Key Capabilities:

  • Single sign-on, web-based reporting
  • Secure access and information delivery
  • Intranet and extranet ability
  • Customizable for company branding
  • Document navigation and search engine (Crystal Reports, Dashboards, WebI, Lumira)
  • Viewable SSRS Reports and Power BI Reports and Dashboards
  • Embedded BI capability (SharePoint, SalesForce, and other Web Apps)
  • Report launcher
  • Scheduler
  • Fewer licenses needed – Instant ROI
  • Ease-of-use (one-touch, finger control on mobile device)
  • Mobile ready (ipads, tablets, and phones)

Simplify the way you consume Business Intelligence and reporting content. The BI Portal was developed to improve ease-of-use and provides an alternative user interface to SAP BusinessObjects InfoView or BI Launchpad.

Gain flexibility and help improve productivity by giving users information they need when they need it most—at the point of decision. Provide your employees or customers with a 24/7 virtual report gateway that is viewable based on pre-determined security levels utilizing their desktop, laptop or mobile device; within SharePoint, the Internet, Extranet or Intranet websites.




Brandable user interface

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Create interactive dashboards and reports for rich analysis

BI Portal’s DashSpaces

Monitor all of your critical processes simultaneously! This intuitive, easy to use tool allows you to view multiple reports or report parts on a single screen.

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Stay connected anywhere, anytime!

BI2Go is a web based application that allows out-of-office workers and executives to immediately access information from mobile devices. They can drill and interact with reports and metrics, trigger remote actions, and change underlying data – taking immediate action when it’s needed.

Key Capabilities

  • Mobile device and tablet support
  • Access to Crystal Reports, Lumira and Web Intelligence documents from mobile devices through the BI Portal
  • Access to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Viewable Power BI content
  • Viewing of charts and tables
  • Ability to drill-down and drill-up
  • Multiple value parameters (static and dynamic)
  • Runtime database login prompt
  • Support scheduling, reports delivered to mobile device via email
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Query Platter
Export and analyze

Query Platter  allows a user or administrator to query the CMS repository, analyze how the system is being used, and export information into Microsoft Excel® to enable further analysis.

Key Capabilities

  • Query Platter is a desktop application that queries BusinessObjects
  • The output is a flattened version of the query results arranged in a file format specified by the user
  • The application can be used to query for anything in BusinessObjects. The intended users are system administrators. Query Platter is useful for filtering on a field that cannot be directly queried

QueryHelper will assist in the user’s creation of the SQL statement  that the tool uses to query the CMS database. 

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CMS Enhanced Auditing
See increased value in efficiencies gained:

CMS Enhanced Auditing is a tool that allows reporting of the data in the CMS System database (Central Management Server) to administrators and others who need the information. This is NOT a replacement for SAP BusinessObjects audit reports.

Key Capabilities

  • Provides additional insight to information that is not available in the audit report
  • User and group information, inactivity reports, failed logins
  • Instance counts, new and modified report objects
  • Report activity and unviewed instances
  • Be able to report on both UNX and UNV universes.
  • Assess what reports and universes will be impacted if the database or universe are edited.


  • Allows Admin to better manage BO system and licensing
  • Upgrade clean up of reports
  • Compliance
  • Security/audit – disable inactive accounts
  • Monitor sizing concurrency and peak periods
  • Review what data fields are contained in your Crystal, Crystal Enterprise, and Web Intelligence reports.
  • Ascertain report dependencies for data fields, universes, universe objects, and universe data fields.
  • The ability to select which metadata item to process.
  • Proactively discover problems with reports and universes that cannot connect to their data sources.

Additional Features

In addition to the features listed above, you will also have the ability to gather more information about Publications including:

  • Dynamic recipient report documents.
  • Discover errors with publications before a scheduled instance fails to run.
  • Ascertain the type of Publication (Enterprise or Dynamic)
  • Enterprise recipient counts.
  • Excluded enterprise recipient counts.
  • Destination schedules and the destination email recipients.
  • Scheduled instances.
  • Scheduled instance statuses.


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Backup Butler
It’s All About Simplicity!

Backup Butler is a tool that facilitates the backup of individual universes, folders or sub-folders, groups and users within the BI Repository. The tool creates a Program Object that targets a user selected object for backup which can then be scheduled on a single or recurring basis. The output (backup file) can be used to restore content to the system in case of an emergency. Plus, it offers archiving capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Enables partial backup and restoration of reporting content
  • Save time and automate the process with individual backups that you pick and choose
  • Provide peace of mind – if your system crashes or reports are deleted by mistake, you’ll have backups to get it running again
  • Effective use of storage with archiving instance capabilities
  • Save time, money and help prevent frustration as you save on costly errors

Key Capabilities

  • Simplify the backup and restore process
  • Select specific universes, folders or sub-folders, groups and users to backup
Universe Platter - Instant Universe Documentation and Multi-source Conversion Tool
Time Saving Tools for Universe Documentation and Multi-Source Universe Conversions

Universe Conversion

Robust features of Universe Platter allow developers to convert a single source universe to a multi-source universe in no time!

  • UNV to single-source universe
  • Single source UNX to multi-source UNX Universe
  • Merge multiple multi-source universes into one

Universe Platter automatically:

  • Utilizes the correct data source
  • Builds necessary business layers
  • Changes data foundations appropriately
  • Converts tables, joins and objects
  • Merges multiple multi-source universes together

Key Capabilities

  • Supports AD SSO
  • Access local universes and universes in the repository
  • Supports Excel, Open Document XML
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CATCH Intelligence

CATCH Intelligence