SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects

Engage, Visualize, and Predict

CATCH Intelligence has delivered SAP® BusinessObjects™ solutions for over 14 years and has implemented over 400 SAP BusinessObjects systems. Our customers select us to support their implementation needs because our value proposition is the best in the industry.

Our value proposition revolves around more than just technology. We provide equal weight and focus on people, processes, and leading practice recommendations.  Imagine the possibilities: better decision making, increased profits, improved business performance, new customers and transformational innovation.

Need help with licensing questions and optimizing your licence usage? Licensing models are continually changing, CATCH Intelligence can assist in sizing and estimating your BI system and assist in designing the optimal BI system to meet your needs and requirements.


Delivering the same game-changing BI functionality required by innovative individuals and visionary companies, the software extends BI to everyone, both inside and outside your organization, on a single platform. Whether your users need standard reports, ad hoc queries and analyses, visualizations and dashboards, corporate data in their Microsoft Office environment, or simply BI right on their desktops… SAP BusinessObjects, when designed correctly, delivers. Armed with trusted information, your users can make better and faster decisions that lead to superior business performance and, ultimately, to outstanding financial results.

Business Benefits
  • Better-informed decisions, thanks to robust functionality available on a single BI platform
  • Business agility, with faster access to data and enhanced decision making
  • Secured, self-service BI, with simplified deployment to more users across your organization
  • Access any data source and application regardless of format or location, thanks to tailored integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Leverage a proven, scalable BI system and platform that is used by many Fortune 500 companies
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SAP Recognized Expertise in Business Intelligence
Key Features
  • Comprehensive BI – Enabling an extensive set of BI functionality ranging from reporting, query and analysis, and dashboards and visualization to intuitive discovery and advanced predictive analytics
  • Infrastructure management – Configure, manage, secure, and control your entire BI deployment and provide the flexibility required by global deployments
  • Publishing – Personalize business intelligence and automatically distribute information to people, teams, customers, partners, vendors, and your business ecosystem
  • Scalability and performance – Accommodate increasing numbers of users and process growing volumes of information through a secured, service-oriented architecture
  • Integration with varied environments – Expand the reach of BI information by accessing, interacting, and analyzing virtually any data regardless of format or location
  • Unified, highly personalized platform Powerful visualizations that empower users with industry focused visualizations
  • Professional grade BI platform for any size business, any type of deployment and for any role across the organization
  • Robust security model that supports secured internal and external access to information. Including row and column data elements so information can still be resued in a highly secure reporting framework and architecture

Are You Managing Your Company’s Financial Future on Spreadsheets?

Most organizations today recognize the need for delivery of accurate, consistent and timely information to analysts, managers, customers and other stakeholders. Yet many fail to meet these objectives for a variety of reasons, such as continued reliance on multiple legacy reporting systems and complex spreadsheets or a failure to properly implement new reporting tools. This can result in processes that are overly time-consuming, costly, and error-prone, overburdening IT departments while failing to meet compliance mandates.

CATCH Intelligence in conjunction with SAP BusinessObjects can empower your teams to achieve remarkable results by allowing anyone in your organization self-service access to relevant information — and by helping business users transform their decision making by providing fact-based, quality information in a timely manner regardless of where the data resides.

Based on your companies need, CATCH Intelligence can help you make the most out of your investment. CATCH Intelligence is a SAP value added reseller with Gold level status. We take a simple, straight-forward approach to provide industry-focused solutions that are tailored to meet your specific business needs. CATCH Intelligence has established relationships and a direct communication channel to key SAP executives, product teams and customer support for speedy responses to inquiries or issues. We have insight into best practices based on SAP’s extensive experience with their customer base, and leverage that insight to benefit our customers.

When you select CATCH Intelligence, your team is complimented with a company who brings deep expert-level technical knowledge and one of the most experienced SAP BusinessObjects Consulting Partners in the United States. CATCH Intelligence has been recognized by CIO Review magazine as one of SAP BusinessObjects Top 20 Partners. CATCH Intelligence is also the first SAP Certified Analytics Expert Partner in North America.

SAP BusinessObjects Solutions
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Web Intelligence (webi)
  • Explorer
  • Live Office
  • Analysis for OLAP
  • Data Services (Data Integrator, Data Quality, Information Steward)
  • SAP IQ
  • SAP Information Steward
  • SAP Power Designer
CATCH Intelligence

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