BICC Knowledge System

BICC Knowledge System

Drive Business Innovation, Transformation and Business Decision Optimization

Become a data-driven business, build strategic analytical and information delivery expertise and drive business innovation.

The Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC Knowledge System) is a system organized to support all aspects of BI for an enterprise. It is an organizational structure that groups people with interrelated disciplines, domains of knowledge, experiences, and skills for the purpose of promoting expertise throughout the organization. BICC serves as a collaboration and knowledge management system to support BI where the tasks associated with BI initiatives are prioritized, defined, directed and implemented.

The end goal of a BICC is to help organizations cultivate a data-driven business which:

  • Enables your business leaders and knowledge workers to grow their analytical capabilities
  • Makes the shift from a static reporting paradigm to self-service BI
  • Positions your people to turn well-governed data into valuable insight, informing and optimizing decision making
  • Takes your BI and analytical capabilities to the next level to perform the deeper analysis required to spawn breakthrough innovation
  • Ultimately provides the underlying foundation for your people to understand what is happening, why, and build the predictive models to see what is possible. Providing you the fact-based knowledge to positively impact your business performance to achieve increasing levels of profitable growth and efficiencies
  • Collectively, drives competitive advantage and sustained business success

With proper planning, an effective BICC Knowledge System acts as a central hub through which all organizational BI initiatives unite and thrive in the face of rapid business and IT innovation. The BICC provides access to relevant information and best practices while successfully assembling people, strategy, process, architecture and software for the benefit of the whole.

The concept of the BICC is relatively new. Challenges faced by early adopters in implementing these centers have included everything from a lack of business strategy continuity and thought leadership to poor governance and user adoption. An insufficiently planned and managed BICC initiative can go adrift as technology and organizational environments rapidly change. What once seemed productive and cutting edge can become dated, fragmented, expensive, and unmanageable.

CATCH Intelligence can be your guide to creating a successful BICC that increases ROI in the form of improved performance through BI excellence. Gartner has recommended that organizations take a more strategic approach to the role of the BICC, advancing or re-vamping your BICC program from a more tactical focus centered around improving efficiencies of report developers (which still remains an important aspect to BICC), to one which focuses more on driving out the strategic opportunities that next generation analytical and data warehousing platforms are capable of.

CATCH BICC Templates, Accelerators and Common Deliverables:
  • Data Governance & Data Management assessment tool
  • BI & Data Governance program “More of/Less Of” exercise
  • Leveraging outcomes of assessments
  • BICC framework
  • BICC Governance structure
  • Key stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities
  • Assessments
    – Current BICC/Analytical skills and training recommendations
    – Current BI/Analytical technologies/tools/platforms
    – Available data resources for BI
  • BICC best practices infused processes from up front evaluation
  • Governing over the portfolio of BI solution
  • BICC program management
  • Metadata glossary / dictionary
  • Data validation process and checklist
  • Report requirements template
  • Production change control form and report promotion process
  • Report standards documentation
  • Report development process workflow template
  • BI solution and report development – selection decision tree
  • QA report checklist
  • Transition to production support process


As a part of our BICC services, Catch Intelligence offers our clients assistance in establishing the necessary support infrastructure for common BICC collaboration tooling which includes:

  • Establishing a BICC intranet site using an accelerator design template for housing the artifacts owned and published by the BICC such as your BICC Charter, Mission and Objectives, commonly used forms such as Promotion Change Requests, BI/Report Requirements Templates, and a Report Inventory Management template. These can be adapted for implementation using your company’s content management and collaboration tool standards.
  • Establishing various collaboration mechanisms, issue tracking, request submission and tracking communications on upcoming training opportunities, etc.

Other deliverable’s can be incorporated upon request which may include:

  • The development of a report inventory/repository,
  • The development of a Report/BI Solution Reuse Program
  • Abbreviated report development life cycle focused on up front submission, capture, gatekeeper evaluation, departmental and enterprise-level prioritization and monitoring of requests for reports, BI solutions or data provisioning to meet analytical needs.
  • Evaluation of current BI capabilities and development of recommendations to leverage technologies to take your BI Program to the next level
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