SAP In-Memory Appliance

SAP In-Memory Appliance

The Next Wave of SAP® In-Memory
Computing Technology

The SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA) enables business departments to analyze business as it happens. Individuals can create very flexible analytic models based on real-time data originating from business applications. In order to cover for the full spectrum of information which might be relevant for business, data from other sources or third party databases can also be brought in and mashed up.

Business Challenge

Information is the lifeblood of business today. Organizations demand insight into business operations while those operations are running. But the volume of operational data available for business insight often exceeds the amount of data that traditional disk-based systems can process within a reasonable period of time. As a result, organizations are forced to reduce the data from operational applications into analytic models for even the most basic analyses. That means that analytic environments are disconnected from operational applications, resulting in significant lag times  between gathering data and gaining insight into that data.

Organizations also want to employ flexible analytic models when working with information in order to uncover trends and patterns or to improve planning, forecasting, and financial close processes.

In traditional analytics, high data volumes require that assumptions be made during modeling in order to reduce the data set to a manageable size. Such simplified models don’t accurately reflect the multifaceted nature of operational data, often resulting in suboptimal forecasting, planning, or trend analysis – items all critical to monitoring and enabling a rapid response to business performance.

The SAP In-Memory Appliance provides organizations with better insight into business operations more quickly by analyzing all the data available and enabling you to respond to changing business conditions, no matter how rapid.

In Memory / Appliance Features
  • Real-time analytics – Analyze business operations using huge volumes of detailed information while business is happening
  • Multipurpose, in-memory technology – Instantly explore and analyze all transactional  and analytical data in real time from virtually any data source
  • Adaptable, powerful analytic models – Create flexible views that expose analytic information at the speed of thought
  • Extensive, source-agnostic data access – Add external data to analytic models to incorporate data from across the entire organization
  • Enable predictive models to be run real-time and triggers to monitor systems or events so notifications and actions can be taken in real-time when critical action is needed.

Business Benefits

  • Real-time business insight by analyzing business operations as they happen
  • Better decisions more quickly by gaining immediate access to all relevant information
  • Greater analytic flexibility through empowering the business and through less reliance on IT
  • Reduced hardware and maintenance costs through a flexible, cost effective, real-time approach for managing large data volumes
  • Improved planning, forecasting, and financial close processes by employing analytic models that uncover trends and patterns
  • Improved event monitoring and predictions
  • Real-time tools that enable a more performance driven culture and organization
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