SAP Sybase IQ

SAP Sybase IQ

A simpler, more affordable approach
to Big Data analytics

In an effort to address the demands for instant answers and deep analytics, today’s IT landscapes have become incredibly complex. Traditional computing systems are proving unable to keep up with the explosive growth in the volume and variety of data. You need a simpler, more affordable approach to unlock the value of all your information for competitive advantage.

To benefit fully from the power of analytics, everyone needs fast answers to complex questions involving months’ or even years’ worth of data – quickly, reliably and affordably.

Turn Massive Data Into Actionable Insight More Efficiently

SAP® Sybase® IQ database software is more powerful and efficient than traditional systems for extreme-scale data warehousing, advanced analytics, and business intelligence applications. It uses an innovative approach based on a column-oriented, grid-based massively parallel processing architecture. As a result, it can scale out to handle massive workloads for large numbers of users with performance up to 100 times faster than other systems − at much lower total cost of ownership.

With SAP Sybase IQ, answers that once took hours can now be delivered in minutes or less. Now you can empower more users with data-driven insights far more effectively.

Transform Your Business Through Deeper Insight

Faster answers to complex questions can transform the way companies compete and win through actionable intelligence delivered at precisely the right moment.

With SAP Sybase IQ as the foundation for your data warehousing, analytics, and business intelligence applications, you can equip larger numbers of decision makers with instant answers and insight – more affordably. SAP Sybase IQ is at the heart of next-generation business applications in a wide range of settings:

  • In healthcare, more informed decisions enable executives and managers to improve cost savings, operational efficiencies, and patient care outcomes.
  • In telecommunications, the ability to instantly detect and resolve network bottlenecks and outages from vast amounts of communications traffic means that providers can improve service and reduce turnover.
  • In financial services, advanced analytics performed in real time allows firms to reduce excessive exposure to risk and manage compliance.
  • For marketers, the ability to integrate in-store and online data into one marketing database can fuel more effective  marketing campaigns, and trigger in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell offers.
  • Tap into Big Data more efficiently
  • Simplify IT complexity by unifying all sources of data
  • Accelerate performance of extreme-scale enterprise data warehousing more affordably
  • Improve performance of user-driven workloads
  • Keep data private and secure with more efficient administration
  • Help ensure availability of business-critical data
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