Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Unemployment Insurance (UI)

CATCH Intelligence offers a suite of proven analytical tools designed to deliver insight and integrity to Unemployment Insurance programs. Agencies are able to easily identify and reduce improper payments to stop UI fraud before it happens.

Unemployment fraud threatens the availability of funds for people with real claims, strains the state’s trust fund & increases unemployment taxes for companies. While technology has played a role in increasing fraud, the good news is that technology also plays a key role in identifying fraud before payments get released.

Fraud Case Management

CATCH’s UI Fraud Case Management System simplifies the painstaking process of Validating, Prioritizing, Researching, Assigning, Investigating, and Resolving UI Claims. Built from feedback from current State DOL clients, our CATCH Experts designed our UI Fraud Case Management to help keep your eye on the prize: Stopping UI Fraud and Overpayments.

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Accelerators for Departments of Labor and Workforce

Combine data so you can cross-match information from Benefits, Claims, Tax, Workforce, Education, LMI, Legacy, Mainframe and more. This provides complete UI insight to claim agents, investigators and adjudicators.

Leverage tools to build data governance and increase data quality across the agency – this empowers users to find, understand and trust data necessary to make critical claim and adjudication decisions.

Take advantage of robust fraud detection rules engines, UI Integrity rules engine, expert outlier detection rules, robust matching engines, address verification and more. It is the fastest way to uncover fraud patterns, employer schemes, prioritize potential fraudulent claims and deliver insight to adjudication and investigation teams.

Capitalize on existing fraud detection models, rules engines, analytics, reports, and alerts all designed to prevent overpayments, eliminate fraud waste and abuse.


CATCH Intelligence

CATCH Intelligence