Dashboards & Report Development

Dashboards & Report Development

The fastest way to turn data into decisions

Dashboards are the perfect way to monitor your business. Combine all the data you need into personalized dashboards. CATCH helps you create dashboards and visualizations to communicate information more clearly and effectively through graphical means. Whether through visual snapshots into profitability via sales, operations or manufacturing, or providing insight into production line statistics; we help you identify, define, plan and deliver the information that means the most to your organization.

Our dashboards are highly interactive – filter, drill to detail, and analyze right in a browser. With a spectrum of increasingly advanced analytics, from basic reports to predictive modeling, users can analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions, all while minimizing dependence on IT.

CATCH Intelligence has subject matter experts (SMEs) across a wide array of Dashboard tools. Our approach is to define the needs and requirements of business and then let our SME’s determine the best tool to utilize when developing the Dashboard.

Learn more about embedded analytics and see how we turn customer mock-ups into customized dashboards.

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Report Development / Self-Service Reporting

Reporting is the process of accessing data, formatting it, and delivering it inside and outside the organization. It is the foundation of an operational business intelligence (BI) strategy – it provides users the most-requested pieces of information reliably and securely, via the Web or embedded in enterprise applications.

Our real-world experience has been put to use implementing enterprise reporting solutions across a variety of industries.

Businesses are looking to transition more towards user-empowered, self-service reporting where the business community takes a more active role in creating and managing their own BI and reporting content. This is a shift and major transformation, providing an outstanding opportunity to improve business performance, empower the business, improve time to market, and reduce cost.

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