Predictive Development

Predictive Development

Predictive Made Easy

Value for Predictive

  • 90% agree that predictive analytics has given them a competitive advantage
  • 80% think predictive analytics will be a crucial investment within the next five years
  • 60% agree that predictive analytics is currently an investment priority for their organization

Market Drivers for Advanced Analytics

  • More data and big data
  • Lots of value found in data
  • Faster decisions are now needed based on that data
  • Giant shortage for Data Scientists


Rise of Big Data

  • 95% have seen an increase in the volume of data they are dealing with over the past year

Quick ROI

  • Seeing return on investment quickly, with around 30% of respondents reporting a “major positive impact” from predictive analytics within the first six months and more than 50% indicating positive impact six to nine months after roll out

Customer Facing Apps Benefit Most

  • Those using predictive analytics say it has had a positive impact on their organization with sales, marketing, and finance and expect to benefit most from the use of predictive analytics in the future.
  • Predicting customer needs and market trends are seen as the most valuable

What Analyst are saying:


Common Use Cases

  • PredictiveAnalytics3CRM: Acquisition, Churn, Winback, Cross sell upsell, Viral Campaigns, Segmentation
  • Risk: Financial services: Credit, Compliance, crime, terrorism
  • Fraud: Money laundering, Credit cards, online gaming, insurance, tax fraud – likely candidates for fraud in other areas.
  • Operations: KPI forecasting, Anomaly detection, Pricing optimization, usage forecasting
Advanced Analytics solves four main problems:


  • Forecasting – Make numerous predictions. Time series over time and predict the future
  • Market Basket Analysis – What do people buy together. One way of coming up with recommendations
  • Classification / Regression – Prediction (equation or a model) on an event or group of events
  • Clustering / Segmentation – On business rules and actual data segmentation. Behavioral segmentation.
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