Migrations, Upgrades & Support

Migrations, Upgrades & Support

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Our software, application and data migration services and upgrades are aimed at helping organizations modernize their IT assets and align them with their business needs. Our goal is to migrate applications and software products from underperforming platforms, languages and operating systems to strategic ones. The result is enhanced operational efficiency and reduced cost of maintenance.

CATCH Intelligence has helped many customers migrate to BusinessObjects 4.x .

TOP 10 Reasons for Upgrading to BusinessObjects 4.x
New Universe Format (UNX)
  • Data Federation
  • BW Access
  • Webi Query stripping
New Charting Engine
  • Can add new chart types to reports
  • Shared between multiple tools
  • WebI
  • Explorer
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprises
  • Many more configuration options available
WebI Data Preview
  • Developer can now preview a dataset before running a full query to ensure the objects selected contain the data that is desired
  • Also helps from running long queries only to discover the wrong objects are selected
Explorer Improvements
  • Support for both UNV and UNX universe types
  • Ability to reduce fields by user
  • Can also utilize a HANA view as data source
Updated Excel Support
  • WebI and Crystal export to newer Excel format (XLSX)
  • Live Office updated for newer versions of Office (up to 2010 now)
  • Ability to use Explorer against data in Excel
Dashboard Improvements
  • Direct to Universe connectivity (don’t have to go thru QaaWS)
  • Ability to deploy Dashboards in multiple formats:
  • Desktop (Flash)
  • Mobile (HTML5)
  • HTML5 support for some widgets
WebI Improvements
  • Copy and paste formatting and objects between reports
  • Copy and paste objects from WebI into Microsoft Office
  • GUI improvements:
    – More functions available in button bar – reorganized
    – Parity starting with Crystal to bring together
  • Freeze table headers when viewing reports
  • Query stripping to remove unneeded fields
Platform Improvements
  • 64-bit technology
  • Ability to expand server resources further than before
    – Still have to size properly
    – Likely at least double the hardware used in previous versions however
System Configuration Wizard
  • After a 4.1 BI Platform install, can use this Wizard to configure how many services are needed, rather than having all in one
  • Can also run it later if needed
  • Save a lot of configuration time – lower TCO!
Multi-tenancy Support
  • Create templates to be used to deploy new Tenants
  • Limit licenses for a particular tenant
  • Auditing to show tenant usage – useful for billing capability
  • Improved Admin delegation
We offer migration services to help clients move from legacy BI technologies and systems to newer and better BI platforms that help reduce bottlenecks of traditional systems and enhance operational efficiencies.

Let a Certified Migration and Upgrade specialist from CATCH Intelligence help you:

  • Check the viability of your data migration with a pre-migration impact assessment
  • Define project estimates on a more precise assessment rather than on a simple guesswork.
  • Identify key project resources and their availability
  • Determine an optimal project delivery structure
  • Prepare a well-defined set of job descriptions in order to help members understand their roles
  • Prepare the right kind of training documentation and design a training plan
  • Ensure you have a well-defined and thoroughly tested configuration management policy in place
  • Setup appropriate data migration policy documents in place
  • And more…
Upgrades and Support

We love working with data – data movement, data migration, data conversion, data integration, data modeling, data tuning, data quality… CATCH is your go-to Data Specialist!

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