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Founded in 2001, CATCH Intelligence provides business intelligence solutions to enterprise level organizations. We offer a broad range of services and solutions with expertise in all areas of business intelligence including SAP® BusinessObjects®, Microsoft® BI and more. We also specialize in application development, application integration, data management and data warehousing. Headquartered in Omaha, NE, CATCH Intelligence helps clients address complex data and technology challenges by helping organizations define their vision, strategy and blueprints to support their business intelligence, data management, and application plans. Our focus is on the all-encompassing components needed to implement successful systems – people, processes, practice, technology, data architecture, and data governance. Many organizations need simplified tools and proven methodologies to break complex data and system difficulties into reasonable iterations that deliver outstanding returns – this is what CATCH Intelligence does best!  We empower organizations to take ownership of their data so they can transform their business and truly know what it means to “Lead by Knowing”. Our CATCH Commitment is to help organizations reduce cost while improving overall business performance. Our CATCH Experience provides expert consultants – offering meaningful guidance for implementing real-world BI systems and applications. Our CATCH Goal is to deliver a World Class BI system that provides the greatest value to your organization. Our CATCH Phrase is “Lead by Knowing!” and we do this by helping customers leverage valuable information to successfully grow their company and become industry leaders.

We help clients become successful one project at a time.
We don’t just focus on technology; our attention is on six dimensions of BI projects which include People, Processes, Practices, Technology, Data Architecture and Data Governance.

For over a decade, the CATCH team has attained both technical expertise and industry knowledge. Here, you’ll find experts in the fields of healthcare, energy and utilities, insurance and financial services, government, as well as manufacturing, transportation and logistics. We understand your business and help you benefit from best-practices specific to your industry.

Client-focused approach

Our approach is guided by the needs of the customer — we evaluate the needs of the business, working with you to understand your specific challenges and determine solutions that fit your budget and priorities. We focus on solutions that are forward thinking to provide immediate value while ensuring a solid foundation is laid for the future.

Results-driven performance

Our reputation speaks for itself, thanks to our team of highly experienced professionals who are available to help you reach new levels of success, day in and day out. Providing the right information to the right people at the right time and enabling you to turn knowledge into value–and ultimately, revenue.

Expertise and capabilities

The right business intelligence solution should always deliver more than you expect. All IT services companies deliver technology. With CATCH, you get so much more. You get a team wholly committed to your success. We are passionate about business intelligence and helping businesses to use their data to make better decisions.

X Factors

X Factors are accelerators that give you and your team a ten-fold competitive advantage. We bring five to ten X Factors to each customer project; providing a proven model that can slash costs in half, ensure total success, and accelerate delivery – allowing us to deliver in half the time. Our X Factor successes have commonly led to saving customers 3,000 hours on projects and delivering a solid customer satisfaction score of 10 out of 10.

 Lead by Knowing:
CATCH Mission

Help organizations reduce cost while improving overall business performance

CATCH Experience

Provides expert consultants – offering meaningful guidance for implementing real-world BI systems


Is to deliver a World Class BI system that provides the greatest value to you and your organization

CATCH Phrase

Is “Lead by Knowing!” and we do this by helping our customers leverage valuable information to successfully lead their company and become industry leaders


  • THE NEW NAME – “CATCH Intelligence” – positions the company as a safety net for clients.
  • THE NEW TAGLINE – “Lead by Knowing” states that knowledge is power and businesses need to use that knowledge to lead!
  • THE LOGO – Represents a strike zone and provides a conceptual representation of how we help our customers catch the right data and turn that data into powerful and actionable intelligence.
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