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Analytics enables a shift of focus from simply the efficient delivery of data to an intelligent enterprise. Intelligence enterprises deliver continuous performance improvement allowing companies to maintain a competitive edge.

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Extracting actionable information from data grows more complex as data volumes continue to swell. Analytics typically live in an ever-increasing mess of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases, and applications. Decades of technology innovation have focused on moving beyond those disconnections, yet manual and offline tools underpin critical management decision-making and reporting. We can help you capitalize on the value of your data – including real-time, historical, and predictive insights – to support strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

Combined with our proven approaches and methodologies that reduce risks and ensure customer success, CATCH Intelligence acts as a Center of Excellence. We have the knowledge, and the capacity organizations require to implement Business Analytics successfully.

CATCH Intelligence Analytics Solutions Include:

Analytics Strategy

Analytics and Decision Support

Data Science

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Machine Learning


Enterprise Analytics

Dashboards and Visualization

Balanced Scorecards

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Customer Segmentation

Predictive Analysis and Modeling

CATCH Intelligence Has Earned a Reputation

Why did you give CATCH at 10 out of 10 Customer Satisfaction Score on your Data Governance Kick Start Program? It is because CATCH made our implementation look easy. The materials and presentations provided the perfect blend of knowledge with practical application that was unique to our organization. The team provided a flexible training and knowledge sharing process that was perfect for our particular organization and our level of knowledge and experience..

Chief Data Steward, Large State DHHS Organization

The amount [of fraud] that you all have been able to uncover is incredible. There is no way me and my team would have been able to do this without your help…You guys are amazing. The only regret I have is that we didn’t get you all quicker.

Assistant Director of InvestigationsCAE & Integrity, State DOL

I would absolutely recommend CATCH Intelligence as trusted partners in data & analytics.

Business Intelligence ManagerAirlite Plastics

[CATCH] code will be “the new gold standard” for ETL code at Airlite. We consider [CATCH Intelligence] integral in the success of the project.

ETL DeveloperAirlite Plastics

[CATCH Intelligence] is responsible for Customer Service, Sales, Production report development…excellent at communicating progress and reaching out for clarification. [CATCH] is very conscientious and dedicated to an excellent work product.

Business Intelligence ManagerAirlite Plastics

“[CATCH] and their teams exhibit high honesty, respected expertise, and appreciated ethics…. CATCH provide[s] guidance on numerous ETL initiatives, help on difficult projects, and provide CATCH consultants as lead developers on numerous projects…. CATCH does their very best to meet the needs of their clients. Watco is pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for CATCH Intelligence.

Manager Data IntegrationWatco

We find that CATCH is very knowledgeable and consultative. They do a very good job of understanding the client business and PARTNERING to build solutions around the business.

Director of OperationsNebraska Spine & Pain Center

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