We challenge you to love your job!

Our philosophy is to hire exceptional people and to treat them well – it’s our proven formula for success. Join us as we continue to push technology to the limit and turn ideas into innovations. We are growing FAST and need to hire the BEST! We are looking for independent thinkers who want to join a company that believes in the value of new ideas, forward-thinking and creative problem solving. We want people who want to make a difference doing a job they love – dynamic individuals willing to work hard to make big ideas come to life and who are comfortable collaborating in our creative, idea-driven environment.

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From humility to integrity, creativity to boundless intelligence; we’ve got a little bit of everything radiating within the walls of The CATCH-sphere. In addition to all the unique things we bring to the table as individuals, the one thing we all have in common is a deeply-rooted passion for collaboration – it’s in our DNA.

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IDATA— OUR Core Values

Our Core Values (IDATA) are the bedrock of our organization and they are the compass that guides our actions and decisions.

I = Integrity

INTEGRITY in everything we do

Honor all commitments and promises. Admit when you have caused a problem or mistake. Follow through with promised commitments. Do what’s best for the client. Bring value with all that you do and keep honesty in the forefront.

D = Delight

DELIGHT those we serve

Take extra time to make sure the client is comfortable with the results. Meet and exceed expectations. Ensure the customer’s questions or concerns are completely understood and fully addressed. Pitch in to help your team, complete all projects on time and be pro-active.

A = Accountable

ACCOUNTABLE for results

Deliver what has been promised on time. Follow through on assigned tasks until completion. Acknowledge mistakes and make efforts to resolve issues. Do what you say you are going to do.

T = Treat

TREAT everyone with respect

Treat others with respect. Listen attentively to ideas or suggestions. Be on time for meetings and honor all commitments. Thank others for helping. Follow up and respond in a timely manner. Be a good listener.

A = Ask

ASK for what you want – and ask others what they need

Ask for what you want and ask others what they need. Ask for clarity, ask for help, speak up and pay attention. Recognize if someone is struggling and ask if you can assist. Follow up with your peers to make sure they have all they need.

CATCH Intelligence

CATCH Intelligence