CATCH Intelligence has earned a reputation

A reputation for consistently exceeding client expectations. We believe the strength of a company stems from the relationships it forges with its’ customers. That’s why we never forget who we are working for. At CATCH Intelligence, we work each day to satisfy our customers by delivering complete solutions to meet their complex needs. The following case studies are a few examples of how we deliver successful results to our clients.

“Our longstanding business relationship with CATCH Intelligence has enabled us to stay on the cutting edge of Business Intelligence technology. CATCH Intelligence routinely assists us in implementing Best Practice solutions within the Reporting and Analytics areas of Healthcare and thus provides us with a competitive advantage in the industry. We value our relationship with CATCH Intelligence and view them not as a vendor but as a strategic partner.”

~ Greg J. Decision Support, Healthcare

“Catch Intelligence has been a great stabilizer for us. I'm not a boater, but the analogy of a catamaran compared to a canoe seems to fit. We have been running our BI system for six years and often feel like it's just us, that it's easy for us to get off course or to lean too far in one direction. They are a great reference to keep our boat right-side-up.”

~ Lowe R., Business Intelligence Consultant, Government

“Catch Intelligence has provided my company with much improved IT support, security, and reporting functionality via a friendly, reliable, responsive, and easy to use support system. Those components, together with periodic project management reporting and consultation provides me with the confidence I need to sustain my business model and plan for the future.”

~Morgan K., General Counsel, Health Care Services

“CATCH Intelligence has provided us valuable services over the years. They’ve supported our Business Objects and SharePoint environments, conducted a BI assessment, and provided training. With their assistance, it has allowed us to stay focused on what is important to our customers. Thanks!”

~ Jeffry H., Senior Systems Analyst, Energy & Utilities

“My organization has had a relationship with Catch Intelligence for three years. During that time, they have proven to be instrumental in establishing our Business Intelligence Competency Center. I view their consultants and engineers as an extension of my own staff. The people at Catch Intelligence are highly professional and the company is extremely flexible and easy to work with.”

~ Barry M., Associate Director, Banking & Financial

“We had a gigantean task to Migrate BO 6.5 to BOXI r2 in a record time. The secret to our project success was collaborating with CATCH Intelligence, they had the knowledge and they project managed our implementation by skillfully moving us along, one converted and migrated report at a time, one environment at a time, with expert security and administration. Once the project was finalized, our team received accolades because even our management team did not think we could do it on the 3-month time we said we would do it. Thanks to CATCH Intelligence the project was a success; the project had ambitious goals, all were met; it was a pleasure to work with a team that engaged perfection in our project.”

~ Lisset V., Manager Business Intelligence Solutions, Travel & Hospitality

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