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Traditionally, Business Intelligence (BI) tells us where we’ve been; at best, it will paint a picture of where we are today. However, past and present insight and trend information are not always enough to be competitive in business. Business organizations need to know more about the future, and in particular, about future trends, patterns, and customer behavior in order to understand the market better.

CATCH Intelligence provides powerful predictive analytics so you can make real-time decisions-at the point of interaction-to achieve insights that open the door to better, targeted products and services. Predictive combines business knowledge and statistical techniques to help organizations understand how people behave as customers, buyers, sellers, distributors, and more.

Predictive Drivers
  • More data and big data
  • Lots of value found in data
  • Faster decisions are now needed based on that data
  • Giant shortage for Data Scientists
Predictive Analytics – FAST. SIMPLE. EVERYWHERE.
  • Spot Opportunities in Real-Time
    Real-time predictive on big data with Cloud Solutions
  • Make predictions simple fast, and accurate
    Automated predictive workflows
  • Act with confidence at the point of decision
    Embedded predictive analytics in business processes and apps
Business Benefits
Predictive Analytics RESULTS
  • 55% create new revenue opportunities
  • 60% have preventive visibility when assets exceed acceptable thresholds
  • 58% gain competitive advantage
  • 3 x higher response rate for marketing campaigns
  • 68% more likely to deliver personalized offers to high-value customers
  • 56% more likely to predict a customers next purchase
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Predictive Analytics Quadrant diagram
Additional Benefits
  • Understand how historical sales, costs, and other key metrics translate to future performance
  • Compare predicted results with goals
  • Reveal the causes of customer satisfaction and employee turnover
  • Show how past and emerging trends impact the bottom line
  • Find correlations in data for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Locate anomalies and clusters for targeted analysis
  • Create more accurate sales plans
  • Predict customer response rates
  • Make strategic decisions like where to explore new markets, acquisitions, and retentions
  • Uncover areas that can improve security and fraud detection
  • Determine bottlenecks and risks as well as “what-if” scenarios
  • Make sound financial decisions based on trends and debtor risks
  • Leverage dependable techniques to budget and plan on a short-term and long-term basis
  • Improve customer retention
  • Accurately predict inventory requirements
  • Find more profitable customers
  • Increase the accuracy of healthcare diagnoses, aid preventive medicine and even identify individuals with risk factors that lead to several chronic diseases
  • Determine the lifetime value of your customers
“Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. Why just meet customer demands when you can anticipate them? “
CATCH Intelligence

CATCH Intelligence