Data Management Suite

Data Management Suite

Are you spending too much time trying to manage unruly data rather than using it to focus on strategic, value-added analytics? Overcome the challenges of being held hostage by your data and make the critical paradigm shift to becoming a data-driven organization. A Data Management Strategy right-sized for your organization coupled with powerful tools from a Data Management Suite will help you:

  • Keep up with the demand for clean, fit-for-use data.
  • Quickly filter out the noise from the outliers in your data.
  • Gain better access to data for improved end-to-end visibility and insight.
  • See a complete view of your information by accessing data from any source, type and format.
  • Establish and catalog the company standard for critical business terms and definitions for Enterprise data assets.
  • Proactively monitor and improve data quality, with powerful data profiling capabilities that quickly identify issues in the data, from missing data, to data outside of allowable ranges,
    and more.
  • Support Master Data Management (MDM) with abilities to match, merge and de-duplicate your key business data (customers, products, suppliers, etc.).
  • Receive alerts to trends in the data before they become major issues by tapping into data quality scorecards and dashboards designed for data stewards. This takes you from reacting to issues to being pro-active in governing over your data.
  • Connect to critical data whether it’s on-premise, Cloud or Big Data.
  • Enable hassle-free access to data for decision making across your entire organization.
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  • Eliminate guessing: quickly connect to any data source and understand your data.
  • Understand, field by field or across fields, what values are actually being used, what percentage of data is null or missing (sparseness) and what combinations of data across fields are present in your data (right or wrong).
  • Avoid waste: Equip data stewards with information on what data requires attention, time and effort to address with remediation investments. By better understanding every data source, you are able to fine-tune ETL/ELT loading processes, shrink constrained batch processing windows and optimize overall
  • Understand where there may be gaps in safeguarding highly sensitive information to keep information confidential and compliant.
  • Information Steward and the Data Management Suite of tools, automates data governance tasks and enables data stewards to be more productive and more effective in proactively managing data as an enterprise asset – across the end-to-end enterprise information management life cycle.
  • Simplify creation and management of Enterprise data definitions – maintaining your Business Glossary.
  • Understand how to manage and use data properly, as an enabler of strategic value within core business processes.
  • Leverage reusable tools and templates to improve data quality and data governance.
  • Quickly establish and apply quality rules for data at the point of capture for the highest data quality.
  • Improve data quality with automated tools to match, merge and remove duplicates when consolidating or bringing data in to the data warehouse or managing master data.
  • Proactively monitor the state of your data.
  • Connect, extract, validate, transform, integrate and load data from any source to any target. Plus, process data anytime, anywhere – even accessing relevant metadata.
  • Provide access to all critical business data (regardless of data source, type or domain).
  • Access mainframe, cloud or hybrid data sources and handle change data capture tapping into sources as needed – SAP, other sources, Big Data or enterprise solutions (on-premise and Cloud)
  • Leverage structured or unstructured data.
  • Provide data stewards with the tools needed to define data quality rules, where rules can be executed within ETL processes to catch data issues before they enter your strategic data repositories.
  • Define and standardize data as part of the data management suite.
  • Uncover quality issues, expose hidden problems and identify relationships within your data across all enterprise systems and applications.
  • Gain visibility while greatly simplifying the ability to trace errors back to the root cause in your data with tools to leverage forward data lineage, backward data lineage and end-to-end lineage.
  • Uncover the data flow to understand how data moves from source to destination.
  • Significantly reduce effort when performing impact analysis.
  • Avoid wasted cost, time and effort caused by incomplete analysis that can have significant impact on downstream systems, interfaces and reporting processes.
  • Utilize a key tool for data stewards in the development and management of Enterprise
    Data Definitions.
  • Organize information for better collaboration, use and sharing of data.
  • Help decision makers understand data definitions with integrated and consolidated data.
  • Leverage existing data resources for faster access to your information.
  • Remove the risk of data migration projects while increasing the reliability of the outcome.
  • Accelerate deployment with prebuilt data integration, database models and semantic layers.
  • Reduce training and support costs with intuitive tools that increase self-

The right Data Management Strategy and Data Management Suite from CATCH bring robust yet practical enterprise architecture and data management capabilities to the table, gained through decades of experience in working across a variety of industries. Use these tools to help you leverage best practices to greatly accelerate your path to value and reduce the risks of data projects. CATCH offers support for a variety of technologies while having specific controls and processes that ensure security standards.  As a result, you can rely on your data for strategic, value-added analytics and ensure that you are protecting, safeguarding and applying your data as an enterprise asset across the enterprise information life cycle.

Demo: SAP Solutions for Information Management


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