Enable real-time interaction across
your organization.

CATCH Intelligence offers SAP HANA, end-to-end services. Powered by SAP HANA, we can help you combine database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in a single in-memory platform. With SAP HANA’s in-memory technology, the agility you need to successfully run your business with no disruption is at your fingertips.

SAP HANA takes large quantities of data and transforms it to usable information that enables users to make more informed decisions about their business. Processes that had taken several weeks to accomplish are reduced to seconds. As a result, maintenance costs are reduced, business challenges are met near real-time, and business performance is increased.

  • Pull up-to-the-minute data from multiple sources. Evaluate options to balance financial, operational, and strategic goals based on today’s business.
  • Rapidly analyze the impact of short-term supply and demand fluctuations and last-minute orders.
  • Quickly analyze consumer sentiment and promotion effectiveness. Target digital media offers to specific consumers in real time.
  • Rationalize large volumes of point-of-sales and channel data to gain insights into inventory movement. Run your business with an understanding of daily demand.

SAP HANA’s unique capabilities make it possible to optimize your business in ways previously unimaginable. Real-time reporting and speed-of thought analysis will help you capture incremental revenue and realize cost savings, adding real value to your business.

HANA benefits can include:
  • Immediate access to relevant information
  • Less reliance on IT for analysis
  • Better decisions more quickly
  • Flexible, cost-effective approach
  • Real-time access to large data volumes
  • Reduced hardware and maintenance costs associated with multiple data warehouses
CATCH Intelligence

CATCH Intelligence