BI Assessment & Strategic Planning

BI Assessment & Strategic Planning

Why CATCH Intelligence? We can be a true strategic partner in engineering your position among your competitors as the Smarter Enterprise; differentiated by smarter people, empowered by smarter use of technology, informed by smarter use of data and the internet of everything to drive innovation vs. just reading about it. WHY STOP AT SMART WHEN YOU CAN BE SMARTER?

BI Strategy Drives Continuous Improvement


While every company’s specific Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse requirements are different, we find that most companies have a pretty good idea of what their current pain points are and many have put a decent amount of thought into their wish lists for the environment they know they would like to have, should have to keep up with the competition or must get to in order to survive.  At the same time, we have found that many companies struggle to go from admiring their numerous challenges to creating a vision, strategy and actionable roadmap to get to where they want to be.  Simply put, we find that many companies get mired down in putting out the crisis de jour fire in the day-to-day or find themselves creating the next silo solution which only adds to the problem, because they lack a true game plan that can take their organization forward.  We help our customers get “unstuck” from the same old patterns where tactical projects win over everything else.

There is a better way.  CATCH Intelligence brings extensive, cross-industry experience in helping our customers take a comprehensive self-examination of their current state across multiple I/T, Business, Analytical and Data Management disciplines relative to peers in your industry, and helps drive out valuable business use cases, pain points, challenges and gaps that are keeping your company from being able to successfully run, grow and transform your business.  Armed with this comprehensive look into your business needs for analytical capabilities and well-managed data, and understanding the gaps and inhibitors within your organization, we bring seasoned, deep architectural expertise to help craft a set of strategies and a roadmap to define a clear, incremental path to your desired end state.

We understand that Business Intelligence is more than tools, it’s about people, process, practice, technology, data architecture and data governance, all keys to delivering a successful BI strategy and program!  We provide proven processes and approaches that deliver repeatable success!  Our Assessment tools and templates will accelerate delivery, provide collaboration and a non-biased view into your organization.

We help assist organizations with:

  • Interviewing Executive level IT and Business Units
  • Driving out current and future needs and requirements
  • Interview Executive level, IT, and Business Units
  • Evaluation of existing reporting environment and critical success factors
  • Assess current tools, processes, and people and determine any gaps
  • Assess current BI Maturity levels against future state vision and define gaps to close
  • Formulate recommendations based on assessment information which include:
    – Summary of key requirements and findings
    – Recommendation on implementation that transcend People, process, leading practices, and technology
    – Recommendations on BI Architecture, Data Warehouse Architecture, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Reuse and Data Management Strategies
  • Present finding to client management team (operational review and executive leadership review)
  • Training and mentoring recommendations
  • A roadmap, blueprint and plan defining the actions needed to achieve your BI program goals and objectives
  • Final report

CATCH Intelligence Assessment Services Include:

  • BI and DW Assessment
  • BI Assessment
  • BO Health Check / Sizing Assessment
  • BI System review and audit
Assessment Deliverable Components

CATCH Assessments provide a roadmap, blueprint, and plan defining the actions necessary for achieving your BI programs desired goals:

  • Current State (Pain Points, Challenges, Obstacles, Data Gaps, Process Gaps, Technology gaps and opportunities, skill gaps,) based on interviews with business and IT leaders
  • Comprehensive BI/DW Capabilities Assessment
  • Future State (Vision, Objectives, Goals for BI and Data aligned to Business Goals, business drivers)
  • Future State Architecture – Conceptual, Best Practices, Based on Enterprise Architecture Principles
  • Gaps and Recommendations to close gaps (Strategic and Tactical)
  • Skillset assessments
  • Technical Infrastructure Assessment for BI environment(s) and sizing recommendations
  • Trend analysis (cross-industry and industry-specific)
  • Implementation Roadmap – A set of proposed actions, recommended release plan with incremental phases, proposed projects, high level forecasts for work effort, resource requirements by role and sequencing considerations taking into account important linkages with other initiatives within your organization, and a list of preliminary benefits of each phase
  • Detailed and Executive level presentation of the final Assessment Deliverable
  • Working with our customers to plan for implementation, project scoping, moving forward with implementing BICC and Data Governance Programs using Catch Intelligence accelerators
  • Senior Data Architect Consulting Services

Benefits of Strategic Planning:

Improved performance

Study after study has consistently proven that if conducted properly, strategic planning can positively impact the performance of the organization.  The challenge is that many of our customers have not done this type of strategic planning in the past and they often miss one or two key pillars that might lead to BI program failure.  We help make sure the foundation and right pillars are covered.


We have completed over 200 BI Strategic Plans for our clients and deliver a very reusable process for our customers. This process accelerates client time to create a strategic plan and reduces risks.

Our consultants share experience, infuse leading practices, and drive the planning and transformation that is needed to define an improved vision and a reasonable, executable strategic plan. Our consultants then outline a logical, phased approach to deliver the vision.

Solutions to major organization issues/challenge

If facilitated properly, strategic planning gives the stakeholders of the organization an opportunity to develop consensus solutions to long-term issues and/or challenges that have been affecting the organization.

  • Gain control of operational problems.
  • May bring about a needed change of direction for the company.
  • Able to set more realistic objectives that are demanding, yet attainable.
Forward thinking and clear future direction

Organizations can get so caught up in day-to-day survival that they fail to stop and view the forest from the trees. Strategic planning gives an organization the opportunity to pause and revisit the mission and create a long-term vision that provides a focus for all effort. Even though change is occurring rapidly, strategic planning allows stakeholders to gaze into the future and clarify how they will plan for this future and properly respond to this change.

  • Clearly define the purpose and establish realistic goals and objectives in a defined time frame within the organization’s capacity for implementation.
  • Focus is placed on the important things. Resources (time, talent, money) are properly allocated to those activities and key priorities that provide the most benefit.
  • The vision, strategy, and roadmap paints the picture for the future and team members can reference a three to five year plan as the head on their annual implementation journey.
Improved teamwork

By working together in envisioning your future, you will experience an enhanced sense of teamwork and commitment, which leads to better implementation — Developing better communication with those both inside and outside the company. Through the interview process, the review process, and the collaboration process, the teams buy in and become galvanized and aligned.

Doing more with less

With the current environment every organization has to do more with less. A well-developed strategic plan becomes the foundation for making all resource allocation decisions in a unified fashion. — Developing a frame of reference for budgets and short-range operating plans and then prioritizing business intelligence initiatives.

Be proactive

Strategic Planning allows you to plan around and take advantage of opportunities and trends, instead of reacting to them. — Providing a clear vision of where the company is going and how to get there.

CATCH Intelligence Strategic services and solutions enable companies to:
  • Identify company BI strategy and key drivers
  • Align BI  strategy with business and the implementation plan
  • Better compete in the marketplace
  • Focus on the right business initiatives and priorities
  • Define a common roadmap to align resources
  • Increase productivity by working smarter
  • Improve performance
  • Better integrate disparate enterprise activities
  • Optimize overall performance by identifying gaps in process, information, organization and policies
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