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$4 BILLION (and Counting) Flagged for Current UI Clients

By January 31, 2024No Comments

The foundation of CATCH’s success has been CATCH Fraudsters – a methodology solution aimed at stopping identity theft. CATCH utilized an arsenal of proven methods to analyze current client states data, illuminated the problems intrinsic to client data, and identified clients’ particular susceptibility to fraudsters’ schemes and collaboration. Using client data, CATCH Intelligence has flagged over $4 Billion in unemployment insurance (UI) fraud and overpayment for them. Armed with this crucial information and CATCH’s proven methodologies, client’s fraud investigations are laser-focused on those with the highest potential for fraudulent overpayments and prescribed the best approach to stop the bleeding and protect UI funds for legitimate claimants.

$4 Billion Flagged for Current UI Clients


CATCH Intelligence supports state Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies in their mission to prevent, detect, and recover improper payments, prevent fraud, and promote program integrity. CATCH helps states modernize their Unemployment Insurance data and reporting, helping to create a reliable, modernized, and updated system that allows for much better reporting. With modernization efforts, agencies are better equipped to verify addresses, detect fraud, verify overpayment, and ensure data quality.

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Client Feedback

 “Working with CATCH was a true partnership. I was able to work with the CATCH Data Governance team as well as the Data Science team and have been impressed with all of the consultants. CATCH worked well with all of the moving parts that a government agency has and gave alternatives to challenges that arose as well as had tremendous follow-up throughout the entire project.” Additional comment: In all of her work over the last 31 years at DHHS, this experience with CATCH was one of the best she was a part of!
Customer Sat Score:  10 out of 10

“What you guys are doing is the only way we will find these people. Thank you so much!”

“They are smoking the britches off [other predictive solution/vendor].”

“They are like the roadrunner on steroids…Requests are turned around in days – not weeks – many times the same day. Solutions are thorough and thought through from the end-user perspective.”