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CATCH Intelligence Philanthropic Impact

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CATCH Intelligence’s objective in philanthropy is to protect future generations by preserving America’s and the world’s most valuable resource: its children. We seek to improve the quality of life by addressing critical needs, primarily through non-profit organizations reaching underserved populations in areas around the world. In keeping with this goal, the company supports a wide range of both local and international charitable causes.  Our goal is to make-a-difference in a few people’s lives with the hope that we will have a ripple effect.

Mater Filius:
President and Founder of CATCH Intelligence, Mark Floersch and his wife Stacey Floersch were part of a team that opened the doors to a home in South Omaha in early 2014 to become a home provider for the Mater Filius cause; a Non-Profit home for women faced with a crisis pregnancy. The goal of Mater Filius is to help women create and develop a strong sense of self-awareness and confidence by helping mothers discover the greatness that lies in their hearts – giving them and their babies hope for a brighter future. The mission of Mater Filius is to safeguard the lives and defend the dignity of the mother regardless of how the child was conceived. The vision is to teach expectant mothers how to become role models and in turn good mothers through the support taught in workshops as well as modeled by women who are already mothers. Expectant mothers receive housing, counseling, medical attention, workshops, daycare, continuing education, emotional and spiritual support, and legal assistance. The home typically supports five to ten women and their children.
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Hope Of the Poor:

CATCH has partnered with Hope Of the Poor to support the poor people in Omaha, Nebraska and in Mexico City.  Hope Of the Poor’s mission field is drug-addicted street kids, homeless families, and people who live at the city dump. We bring hope to the rejected, the lonely, and the unloved. We feed the poor, rent homes to take families off the street and work with employers to find them jobs. But we don’t stop there. Mother Theresa often said, “The greatest poverty is being unloved.” We want to inspire all generations to radically love and bring hope to the hopeless.

Craig Johring grew up in Nebraska and now lives and works in Mexico City. He founded Hope of the Poor with Danny Leger to impact the world in how the poor are viewed and treated. More importantly, Craig works with the poor to help them overcome crippling psychological conditions, combat drug addictions, and make the journey from homeless and helpless to becoming hopeful and productive members of society.  For more information, visit:

Hope Connecting Hearts Nigeria (HCHN):

CATCH has partnered with HCHN to support their many causes.  HCHN has built many schools for children in rural Nigeria. In one school that previously had fewer than 80 students has grown and now supports more than 400 students. They are building classrooms, libraries, lunch programs, providing clean water and restrooms to support the children.

Better educated young people can make good decisions that pull them from the grip of poverty and point them in the direction of opportunity.  Father Kizito Okhouya, who is the driving force behind Hope Connecting Hearts Nigeria was one of those Nigerian children. He escaped poverty through education. With him, we are hoping to provide educational opportunities for more children.

HCHN is in the process of building a multipurpose hall that will serve as a cafeteria and host other events like parent-teachers conferences, plays, and national entrance exams for students seeking to attend college. This facility will be a focal educational center for a large geographical area of over 50 villages. 50,000 people.

Currently, HCHN has over 800 students in one school, Divine Mercy School. The school is located in a very remote area. The school guarantees the best learning opportunity and environment in the area. HCHN provides hot lunches to students five days a week because many of students who walk several miles to get to school arrive with little or nothing in their stomachs.

Plans for the next 5years:

  • Begin a boarding school at one of our schools, St. Joseph School Garam. Some of our students need additional mentoring and support due to their family life situations.
  • Begin laying the foundation of a Technical High school to equip students with technical and vocational skills to help them flourish and become independent in a nation of high unemployment.
  • Establish organic vegetable garden in one of the communities. This will provide year-round vegetables to supplement starchy diet while promoting healthy eating and helping our students develop their agricultural knowledge.

Mission Trips:

Over the years CATCH Intelligence has also sponsored a number of far-reaching Mission trips including trips to Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic, Africa, Romania, and Guatemala.

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