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CATCH Intelligence supports nonprofits and charities through our Sharing Hands Program

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CATCH Intelligence’s objective in philanthropy is to protect future generations by preserving our most valuable resource: children. We seek to improve the quality of life by addressing critical needs, primarily through nonprofit organizations reaching underserved populations locally and worldwide. In keeping with this goal, the company supports a wide range of local and international charitable causes – two of which are highlighted below.

Hope of the Poor
Hope of the Poor mission field is drug-addicted street kids, homeless families, and people who live at the city dump in Mexico City. They feed the poor, rent homes to take families off the street, and work with employers to find jobs. Roughly 5,000 people have been helped in the past five years. Hope of the Poor wants to inspire all generations to radically love and bring hope to the hopeless.

A list of projects impacted by the donations of CATCH Intelligence:

  • Purchased a van to transport families and food
  • Purchased school uniforms and shoes for the kids
  • Provide food for the poor: Meals are served weekly over conversation
  • Help support volunteers to serve the poor: Several formerly homeless families continue working with Hope of the Poor to serve others
  • Started a new ministry in Mexico City with a community of women and their families who work in prostitution
  • Started a ministry in downtown Omaha near the Siena/Francis homeless shelter serving the homeless and ministering to their needs

“The investments CATCH Intelligence have made to Hope of the Poor have allowed us to dream and take on projects to work with the poor in ways we have not before. We have moved forward in the mission of alleviating the poverty of being alone, and creating the structure to help change the lives of the poor. In Mexico City, three families in 2022 are now safe and living in sustainable housing as a result of taking them off the street or in near homeless conditions. Today these families are not worried about providing food for their children and have a safe place to come home to. This stability is life-changing. These families are involved in serving with Hope of the Poor by giving back through helping reach out to other homeless. They join us to serve meals and build relationships, ultimately leading to more families taken off the street and placed in apartments.” – Craig Johring Director, Hope of the Poor

Hope of the Poor

Mater Filius
Mater Filius of Nebraska is a nonprofit Catholic apostolate located in Omaha, NE, committed to helping women facing unexpected pregnancies who find themselves without housing or emotional support. They offer a tranquil home, assistance with healthcare appointments, transportation, spiritual care, nutritious, self-prepared meals, access to child enrichment, and a path to independence.
Since 2014:
• 163 Women have been served in the house
• 57 Babies Born
• 122 Children Served (not born at Mater Filius)
For a total of 342 lives touched by Mater Filius of Nebraska.
Mater Filius of Nebraska

CATCH Intelligence believes that through our people, our services, our product, and our culture, we have the power to help change the world. Aspired to push the boundaries of what people generally think business is capable of through our Sharing Hands program, we challenge ourselves, our partners, and our community to join us to make this world better.